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Babes and Brawn

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Brief Description

This is a
community for those who have been involved, by their own fault or the fault of
others, with Teaser's Cafe in Savannah, Georgia.

Whether promoter, employee, or customer, this community is open for anything and
everything that should be posted, included by not restricted to: concerts,
happenings, pictures, videos, and anything else that is of concern to Teaser's
Cafe, or the people at Teaser's Cafe.

No pictures taken at Teaser's
Cafe need a waiver, as it is designated public property by the City of
Savannah, and therefore anything done (and thus, captured by camera or video)
is announced as 'seen by the public eye'.

The only things not accepted by post [outside of extremely off topic talk] are
links (pictures/video) of underage nudity, or accidentally flashings (people
falling out by accident, etc).

The aim of this community is to compile
accounts from many people to accurately represent the diverse crowd that goes to
Teaser's Cafe.  No one shall be discriminated against when posting, unless
they annoy the shit out of us.

Welcome to Teaser's Cafe.


Key Players in the Game

(this isn't everyone that is involved with Teasers, but it's the ones that I
have pictures of)








The lord and master of the bar,
second in command only to the evil shadow lord.






Melissa is first, going from the left. Maus is in the middle. Melody is the newest, being on the far right. Melissa is a fashion major at SCAD. Melody does not have a scat fetish and enjoys fine wine and long walks on the beach. Maus is not a hippy, but does hug trees in her spare time.






Kurt, still a fore runner in the techno oriented crowd upstairs on Friday and Saturday, followed by Josh his trusty sidekick. After that is Robert, the guy who now sits upstairs in place of Kurt, most of the time, throwing out beats that rival early SNES games.






Jason still comes into the bar to occasionally bounce and/or bartend. He has quit about three times, but still manages to come back for some reason. He enjoys beating people up and getting them drunk. His only fear is crabs (the crustaceans, not the STD; though I'm sure he's not too fond of that either). Kate, to the right, is an ex-employee that was fired for several reasons that won't be discussed, but she still comes to the bar. Sarah is one of the cooler people, she actually quit. Tracy is the lastest to be added to the list of ex-employees. Turns out, she had more sense than we gave her credit for (she was smart enough to leave).