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For those of you that don't know, we were on the news a few weeks ago. We got a really bad rap for shit that wasn't our fault. It seems that a bunch of kids looted a store right around the time we closed (coincidence?). Even if the people who did it were our patrons earlier in the night; how are we at fault? We hire police security and our parking lot is empty after closing. Regardless, we received full credit for the vandalism, excessive shoplifting, and whatever else went on. The weekend following that the building was surrounded by police officers waiting to witness the "carnage" as it unfolds. Little did they know that they actually showed up on the wrong night, and they were aggressive guarding (with as many as 30 police officers!) a club full of (passive) gay hip-hop fans. That's right, the stupid bastards showed up on Lesbian Night.

So, of course, nothing happened.

But someone told me about this e-mail that was sent to all SCAD kids as a warning:

From: SCAD Message System
Date: Friday, April 30th, 2004 8:59 PM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: College Security Warning

The following information was received from the Savannah-Chatham
Metropolitan Police Department. A number of fights, purse snatchings
and robberies have occurred at or near Teaser's Cafe, on the corner of
W. Liberty St. and MLK Jr. Boulevard. Incidents are reported to start
at approximately closing time.

This location is not near any SCAD facility, but it is on a frequently
traveled route, so caution is advised when in that area.

For more safety tips read On The Safe Side, which appears weekly in The
Chronicle. Additional information can be found in the many brochures,
flyers, and pamphlets that the security department distributes as well
as on our Web site. Go to www.scad.edu/security

If you need transportation to or between any SCAD facility, call the
SCAD transportation and parking services department at 525.RIDE. If
you have any safety questions or concerns, please contact the college
security department at 525.4500, e-mail security@scad.edu, or come to
the security office at 345 Bull Street (across from Poetter Hall).

Gene Friedman
Director of College Security

Fights, yes. Purse snatchings? Robberies? I'm afraid not. Not to my knowledge anyway. I think that at least one of the police officers that's there would have mentioned something to me about the previous if they had happened.
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